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INTUITIVE DESIGN. When it comes to highly acclaimed desk tables, Oberon reigns supreme. The intelligence of this desk rests in its versatile functionality and innovative shape. Read more

For any room and all expressions

For any room and all expressions

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Sleek lines. Clean surfaces. Ergonomic advantages. Appealing materials and colours at the offering

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Desks are an inherent and central part of our working environments. Oberon provides a flexible and practical platform, both in terms of design and functionality.

Meeting Tables

Meetings play an increasingly important role in the workplace. The Oberon meeting table comes in a great variety of sizes, shapes and solutions, always designed with dialogue and brainstorming sessions in mind.

Coffee Tables

Coffee tables are practical and inviting places to gather round. Oberon’s versions are perfect for active or short standing meetings or breaks.

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The Better Effect Index

Sustainability tool for Oberon ·



Raw materials & resources
Raw materials & resources 2.33

Knowledge of the origin of the raw materials 2

Knowledge of conditions in the production chain 3

Resource optimisation 2

Climate 1.4

Inward transportation (proportion of renewable fuel) 0

Outward transportation (proportion of renewable fuel) 2

Suppliers (renewable energy in manufacturing) 0

Producer (renewable energy in manufacturing) 3

Proportion of material with low climate impact 2

Pure materials
Pure materials 2.67

Fulfilled required levels of chemical content 3

Fulfilled required levels of emissions 3

Good material choice 2

Social responsibility
Social responsibility 2.33

Code of conduct - suppliers 3

Suppliers which have been inspected/audited 3

Inspected suppliers from risk countries 1

Reuse 1.67

Possible to repair/renovate 2

Possible to recycle materials 2

Made of recycled material 1

Ergonomics 2.33

Enables customisation 3

Enables movement 3

Improves the acoustic environment 1



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